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The ultimate tool for intelligence farming, IFarming. Join a community of IFarming users to become one of the leaders in digital transformation. 

Real-time Field Data Capture and Analysis

Use our web application to collect and analyze several fish farming parameters:

  • fish biometric and gender;

  • fish mortality; 

  • sea lice stages;

  • fish external welfare indicators;

  • oceanographic;

  • meteorological;

  • photoperiod;

  • feed consumption;

  • fillet biometric and quality;

  • fish and fillet downgrading classification.

Easily simplify your operations by providing a seamless flow of data into your workflows and reducing the man-hours

Big Data Workflows

Enhance data integration and accuracy between your systems and external sources

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Access to fish and farm status anywhere at anytime using remote devices, helping users make better decisions.

Smarter alerts: Anomaly detection and alarm-trigerring based on artificial intelligence 

Regulatory Reporting

Obtain comprehensive reporting and optimize resources with just one click

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